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2009-11-12 04:48:26 by AlmightyHans

Hello NGers.

I want to announce that I'm going to start locking down characters to their voice actors soon. and if you have any interest for trying out for parts, let me know.

Let it be known that even if you aren't chosen for the first episode, this doesn't mean I'm not interested in your talent. This is planned to be a series and will be introducing new characters. I plan on recruiting more voice actors for different characters rather than reusing voice actors. Or at least try to avoid reusing voice actors as much as possible. So i'll be looking for voice actors form episode to episode. This way it almost creates a better sense of individuality with the characters (it's an experiment). And I'm also taking advantage of all the talent that is available with sites like newgrounds and stuff.


-Turk [LOCKED] Arin Hanson
-Todd [LOCKED] Hans Van Harken
-Tony [LOCKED] Joshua Tomar
-Gritt [LOCKED] Christopher A. Guerrero
-Danny Beretta [LOCKED] Jeff Bandalin
-Lady Killer [LOCKED] Will Stamper
-Female Victim [LOCKED] Kimlinh Tran
-Cop1 [LOCKED] Edward Bosco
-Cop2 [LOCKED] Jonas Boda
-Investigator [LOCKED] Deven Mack
-News Reporter [LOCKED] Deven Mack

some character drawings to see.
[left] The Lady Killer, [top] The T, [bottom left] gritt, [bottom right] Sgt. Danny Beretta

I'll update later!

here's a link to the previous post on this.


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2009-11-12 06:37:34

The Lady Killer really looks like a douche bag, a perfect villain for ultimate humiliation! Much satisfaction to the audience watching a jerk getting his just dessert. He needs a handsome voice, yet is also good at screaming like a girl. :P

The T's look awesome! Though I can't get over seeing Tony's huge wart. The beard makes it Jewish enough - lol.

Officer Gritt looks good. But doesn't look 'that' old. He maybe have some white hair. I mean he is in his fifties.

I kinda have to argue that Sg. Danny looks too typical of a character. Why are all these head of police have huge set of shoulders? I mean it works, but I'm just noticing a pattern.


I think Egoraptor should voice the Lady Killer.

(Updated ) AlmightyHans responds:

yeah im giving gritt grey hair, and danny is supposed to have that stereotypical worn out bad ass cop. ad for Tony, that's no mole, it's some pixel thing on the workspace in flash.


2009-11-13 09:06:41

ehm can i try cop1 please please
but my voice sounds not old enough (i think)

-about my enlgish:its a little bad BUTT when i hear good every text from M-SAM i goone voicing it correct
anywhere i hope you can give me chance

AlmightyHans responds:

go for it. send me what you got.


2009-11-13 17:15:43

Last minute auditions coming your way good sir! :)


2009-11-14 11:14:02

If I had a mic I would
but until then I can't


2009-11-14 11:16:54

Sent in cop 1 audition type thing. Hope it is good enough.


2009-11-14 11:31:04

I have to borrow my friend's microphone because mine broke and has some really bad quality. Can I just send in a voice casting in bad quality before the deadline goes out? I'll try something for Gritt, and possibly for Danny Beretta.

BTW, when is the deadline?

AlmightyHans responds:

i prefer a good mic.


2009-11-14 14:48:24

will it pay? (:,'


2009-11-14 18:21:00


I'd be interested in trying out. I don't have a demo as of yet, but if you have any lines that I could try, it would be great if I could send you an example. I've got a mid to low range voice and a decent falsetto. Let me know if I can give it a try!

Ja Shin Ya


2009-11-14 18:23:27

Scratch that. I should learn to click the links before commenting. I will send some lines ASAP!


2009-11-14 19:06:38

I'd like to give it a try. Can I maybe read for Turk?

AlmightyHans responds:

turk just got locked


2009-11-14 20:54:23

Any spare roles (either now or in the future) you've got feel free to throw my way.

I'll even have a crack at female voices. I'm highly dedicated.


2009-11-14 21:05:36

female voices huh? I might do some audition thing, any specifications on the voices or character

AlmightyHans responds:

check out the link to the previous post.


2009-11-14 23:17:07

I'd like to help out if I could.


2009-11-15 01:21:26

I can't wait to see more of your abstract and awesome drawing style.


2009-11-15 03:59:45

I HIGHLY recommend Stalagmite

I've worked with A LOT of voice actors and he is one the top best. He can sing, he can do a girls voice he can practically do anything, and hes an awesome guy too! ;3


2009-11-15 10:10:34

I can be the waitress!!!!

AlmightyHans responds:

you probably could


2009-11-15 16:00:52

You get my pm for the voice acting? If i don't get a response It makes me think you didn't get it...


2009-11-15 21:36:48

id cast for that cop and teh lady killer
but wouldnt mind to jump in for future episodes.
count me in

AlmightyHans responds:

i will!


2009-11-15 21:39:52

i just saw Jeffrey Walther was schizophrenic.
that's a must have.


2009-11-16 08:33:16

I could do cop1.
I have all the proper gear set up, etc, though I don't have any examples up on NG at the moment, so I understand if you decline the offer.
But I can promise no noise, just clean, crisp audio, etc.


2009-11-18 16:19:54

D'aaww I didn't get cop 1 :( Ah well he's probably 9000000 times better than me anyway lol :P