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Lack of posts cause of progress on Ace Pilot

2011-11-04 15:12:57 by AlmightyHans

I broke the usual level of consistency in my news posts because Ace Pilot is finally coming together. we are in the final phases of that beast of a project!

I wrote a new blog post called "What Happened To Star Wars?"

below is a picture of our Ace pilot organized drawing board. I blurred out the scene names to avoid spoilers.

Lack of posts cause of progress on Ace Pilot


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2011-11-04 15:16:52

Cant wait to see this thing :D
also i dont see bluriness...


2011-11-04 15:18:25

you uploaded the wrong pic atfirst huh? xD

AlmightyHans responds:

yup.... :(


2011-11-04 15:32:12

Who won that art thing?
(Not me.swf)

AlmightyHans responds:

Rice Pirate did


2011-11-04 15:53:12

I saw People v. George Lucas when it came to town, like you said the fact that 20th century had more control took part in making IV-V was pretty awesome for the fact that it didn't let George go 100 percent, which was a good thing. (Howard the Duck) *cough* Supposably Lucas is working on some smaller release films, which I would like to see if media franchise was the only thing stressing his creative side or not.


2011-11-04 16:15:46



2011-11-04 17:13:03

ey man, i just wanna know what time of game will be ace pilot.


2011-11-04 18:15:50

Really looking forward to this. And Tomar tells me that Edwyn delivered some truly incredible stuff.

AlmightyHans responds:

Edwin did an AWESOME job. I was absolutely blown away.


2011-11-04 19:39:52

your frig drawing of Ace is off model bro

AlmightyHans responds: