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Posted by AlmightyHans - December 19th, 2011

Yesterday was officially my last day of work for ace pilot 1! and what great timing because i'm writing this in the SFO airport waiting to depart to london to ultimately visit my family in spain for christmas. I have finished all the art assets voices menu designs i needed to do for ace pilot. 100% completed! The final nuts and bolts are being assembled tightened and tweaked. It's been one hell of a year with a lot of ups and downs with that project but at last it's coming to an end. a very good one I might add!

I'll be in spain until december 26th. I'm visiting london with my brother from 26th to 29 celebrating my birthday and the city I love so much. then heading back to spain to barcelona for new years. finally I come back from this trip Jan 10th. and work on ace 2! haha.

I have learned a lot with this project and feel more than up for tackling the next one because of that. Not only techniques and knowledge about animation, games, flash, maya, after effects, and even spic music making and sound, I also learned a lot about working together with a relatively big team and how to work with people literally at all 4 corners of the world and all the difficulties in communication that come with that.

To me it is unreal the feeling i've been having getting this project finished. all good. It is kind of a dream come true to be honest. And I have to thank the entire team for it. none of it could be done without them. My best hope is that everyone else will at least appreciate it a fraction of how much I already do. Your reactions will reveal that soon!

Anyway! I need to board my flight soon. Wish me luck on my trip!

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have a good trip, enjoy london. one of my favorite cities

same here. that's why i wanted to go with my brother and show him.

oh you idol animators with your high class budget traveling.
wish i could join on these round world trips too but unfortunately living is expensive...

don't ruin my excitement with your self pity. :(

*hegh* correction, "go" not "join", damn goldfish better put comment edits in the redesign

hahahhahaa :P


I'm really excited for you dude! Can't wait to see Ace Pilot and have fun in Europa :D

Thanks man! I sure will have fun in Europa!

my pants are tight.

Really excited about this game, dude. Mac and Edwyn have been talkin' up a storm about it and the stuff I've snuck a peek at has been amazing. Can't wait!

Dude. Me either!

...Is it bad that I thought about this project when I heard that Kim Jong Il died?

Congrats on actually having completed the project! A lot of people dont really know how difficult making a game is and how easily a project can die. Awesome to hear it survived! =D

It was hard to get this beast done. But getting it done is the most satisfactory thing I have ever felt.

I've been exited to play it since I saw your poster in the art portal!

He doesn't have to pay for his trip, Ace Pilot is flying him

If only that we're true... Sigh

Been looking forward to this for like a million years