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I got Interviewed by The Interviewer

2012-05-28 15:50:25 by AlmightyHans

you can check it out here.

It's a two parter. I got pretty detailed with my responses. I hope you enjoy the read, get to know me better if you're interested. I never been interviewed to this length, it was weird and new.

anyways. GO READ IT!

You can also check out this very interesting job interview facts.

I got Interviewed by The Interviewer


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2012-05-28 16:20:09

He pretty much interviewed the fog out of you like crazy!


2012-05-28 16:22:57

howy schit, i am josh bend thet iz amezing


2012-05-28 17:00:28

And you made a front page post about a front page post!


2012-05-28 17:36:13

telling personal infos to a strange person is allways fun


2012-05-28 18:45:30

I already read the interview before you made this post. It was, as you said, very detailed. And I loved it :3


2012-05-28 19:41:41

Read that shit. It was good.


2012-05-28 22:07:57

Fuck you posting that youtube link. Now I have to go and look at all the funny videos before I can read the interview. There goes the rest of my night goddamnit.


2012-05-29 15:45:49

Definitely well deserved interview!

A fun read too, you're definitely a good guy to talk to!