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really interesting choice going for the night time colors!

Hammerhold responds:

Nobody can resist electric pink wasteland color schemes.

I love the scratchy look so much!

FlumpyTripod responds:

Why, thank you.

This is now the lock screen of my phone. I could stare at this for HOURS

sucho responds:

lol not me, i've already stared at it for HOURS JUST TO GET IT DONE O_O
(thats super cool though :3)

i really love your work dude! keep it up

devilsgarage responds:

Thanks AlmightyHans, much appreciated :)

god your art gives me huge boners, dude. I don't need my penis pump any longer.

deathink responds:

Good, now we're even!

Damn dude, that's fucking awesome

JamesLee responds:

Thanks Hans! :D

This is a great calendar entry. I love how you managed to make so many character designs fit in this round icon motif. really good job!

Just to make sure. Is that ace Pilot #4 on the third row? :"3

LiLg responds:

Thanks. You got it! Great game.

The colors are unbelivably amazing. the shading over the skin is fucking beautiful dude. This is really fucking good.

kiareri responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words! :)

this is pretty fucking awesome. the lighting is super effective. It has this thick line quality without having any. there's a nice density to the style. I also like the fact that it's basically monochromatic, except for the guy. Makes him stand out really well. Good job dude! I really look forward to seeing more of your stuff on Newgrounds.

kiareri responds:

Thanks a really awesome response! Thanks man!

i like the style

man you and i share a common crush it seems.

it's nice to see the animated series style batman transformed into a more expressive cartoony squash and stretch.

El-Cid responds:

Thanks buddy! Yes, I love Bruce Timm's streamlined look. I always thought it would be so animate-able, but the actual series themselves always felt a bit stiff for me. I might try another and really get retarded.

a Buddhist walks up to a hot dog vendor and says "make me one with everything"

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