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AlmightyHans's News

Posted by AlmightyHans - February 11th, 2008

Dan Berry (creator of HALOMEN, and my personal favorite OFFICE SIDER series) and i have recently become good friends. He had NEWGROUNDED his account pictures and i thought it looked really cool, so he was cool enough to make one of my own for me.

New account pictures!

Posted by AlmightyHans - January 24th, 2008


Back when i was one day before submitting IAHT (It's a Halo Thing 1/4) I showed RubberNinja the animation basically complete. He liked it and told me I should contact Tom and Dim of the SuperFlashBros for TSAH3. I went over and sent them an email linking to IAHT on newgrounds right when I submitted it. Nothing came back in the mail so i kinda thought maybe they were full already anyways.

When I arrived to London for the meet I was walking up the steps and Tom was talking to me about Dim's project for TSAH3 and then he mentioned I was in it. I was surprised. Apparently I had been in it since shortly after i messaged them. I guess i just missed it or something.

Anyways, I was really excited about being a part of something like this on Newgrounds. And i decided to choose "The Storm" level on Halo 3. I was surprised it wasn't taken because to me it's like the epic moment of halo 3, the one you see in the trailers and are itching to play in the game. I also have only really played that level... no i don't have an xbox 360 and only recently got a small tv. and the only thing i got is an N64. but i got some friends with halo, and there are walk through's on You Tube. So yeah. I'm also redrawing a master chief model especially for TSAH3.

anyways just wanted to let people know.

below is my master chief so far. I'm still working on the feet, they currently resemble slippers:


Posted by AlmightyHans - January 21st, 2008

Well, I just came back from the NG London Meet-up. And boy was that an experience. It involved a room made of ice, a bumper cars battle, comedy club, a bowling match, lots of talking, brain storming for projects, watching marcM movies over and over, Luis' Birthday, a phone call to Tom Fulp, fish & chips, and much much more.

The best part is, I recorded some good footage and probably will be making a movie of it along side my other projects.

Meeting Newgrounders in person was the best experience to me. Luis, and not to be a suck up, was such a nice guy, much better than I expected. I mean through our conversations online I thought he was going to be a complete asshole, the kind you just think "man why are they alive" kinda asshole. Nah, I'm just being stupid. Everything was just awesome from start to finish. No complaints. I'm definately saving up for the next one.


Posted by AlmightyHans - January 13th, 2008

G'day everyone!

I'm very happy to announce I won't be in the western hemisphere of the earth starting Wednesday January 16th 2008. For I'll hop on a plane to London and meet up with a self-claiming Mexican, and a bunch of brits and a few nationalities here and there. What relates all these races and ethnicities? They are all Newgrounders and a big meet has been set to (those of age) get drunk and/or converse about stuff we could easily do on some kind of forum on the web.

What makes this extra special is that we will discover how pasty our faces look in person behind all that glamorous flash we all hide behind. To my point, we will be networking without all that nonsensical word typing and messenger alerts on the computer. Just pure vocal sounds transferring from mouth to ear. walking, sitting, and jet lagged side by side for those few glorious days.

Those few good points of personal contact face to face are enough to make a yankee like me feel that it's worth purchasing a 600$ ticket and experience this event. What more can a lonely flash contributer on the net want than meet others in a very similar state?

I'll probably film lots of video footage and make some kind of a movie out of it.


Posted by AlmightyHans - December 28th, 2007

Hey everyone!

I'm Hans Van Harken (AlmightyHans) and I just had to announce that today is the day where things change, if I do something police men don't like I can now go to jail. I can now buy my on smokes as well as vote for which person will do stupid things in the white house next. All these things and more, but not drink yet.

Anyways, it's been a fun "boyhood" I guess all of that is only memories from now on.

visit my site!

and thanks for all the great support from my latest animations.


I turned 18 today!

Posted by AlmightyHans - December 15th, 2007

It's been tough at times but I have chosen the artists for the comic. You know who you are, when you see your name on the list hurry to my site HaVaHa, register, and post your info once again as a response in the forum.

1-Matt Jolly (Krinkels)
4-Steve Bryant
5-Luis Castanon
6-Ross (RubberNinja)
7-RJ Palmer (Arvalis)
9-Vincent Charrot
11-COMPUTER ONE (Robert)
13-Alyssa Zevallos
14-Nathaniel Milburn
15-Julio Lopez (fierras)
16-Caleb Conheady (Conker 3)
17-Kyle Montgomery
18-Chris Gianelloni
19-GoddaM (Greg Rivera)
20-Ola Lysgaard

There are a few more artists who might come on board, but I'm just waiting for their approval. Sorry for the hold up. But lastly, the due date is April 4th, 2008

so with that i tell you... make the best art you can possibly make.


Posted by AlmightyHans - December 2nd, 2007

Hello everyone!

Hans Van Harken here, and after a long long time my site is complete with it's new additions. Thanks to Atomic Noodle the web designing creative genius, this was all possible.

The new and improved HaVaHa.com has a few new things that will definitely capture the interest of all web surfers out there, and specifically to the comic book artists around the world.

The section labeled "COMICS" in the navigation bar is the most important addition. There you will be able to submit single page comics or strips, pitching your ideas to the public by creating an account in the forum. Artistically challenged people don't have to worry, if you like rating stuff and expressing (or better said "ranting) your opinion on other people's artistic work you can also leave comments on any comic submitted.

The best part is, at the end of the season, the voted winner of the best comic will be given the privilege to have their comic idea printed into a full issue under the recently established publishing company ODD Comics and be sold on the internet and a few scattered stores around the USA! So make sure before you submit a comic that the concept of it can be extended into a full issue because you'll need to have a clear idea to do that just in case you win. ;)

If you don't think you might have the illustrative talent, but got ideas... or vice versa... you have the choice to go into the forums and network with artists and collaborate to make a comic. That will increase your chances of being printed, since mixing great minds will give good results. So sign up to the forum!

In the "MOVIES" section, I've added a live-action list to it. since late 2006 I've been working on a few live action movies so HaVaHa won't strictly consist animated content any more. Go ahead and check out the work.

With mine and Bas' Pivot Games production working on some pretty ambitious projects, the list of games there are destined to be filled with great stuff!

Now, the "Additional Content" bar on the left if for personal stuff having to do with the site contents and myself. "Previews" will reveal details on projects in the works and updates in their progress. "Photos" are more of just a fun section to look through where you might find some pictures interesting. "Crew" is to inform basic details of buddies and people who I have worked with. "Writing" will consist of written content (obviously) but basically contain scripts for certain things, a couple interviews I've had or other things similar.

That's just the basics of some of the things in the new site that would be best you'd be informed about. So, with that... have fun and explore all you want.


havaha.com is done, you can submit comics!

Posted by AlmightyHans - October 30th, 2007

title:ONE SHOTthe Comic Collab

-note: Not a web comic, but a PRINTED comic-

Basically this book will be about 30 pages long, and my goal is to collect 25 artist or so to fill in those pages. Each artist has their own page to do whatever they want on (one page not meaning front and back, just one side of a page). In the back pages of the comic I'll add an index with the Authors name, age, sex, location, and maybe a comment from the author about his drawing or anything at all.

Many aspects of this project resemble the NG sketchbook tour, but this will be printed on actual traditional comic book. Another difference is the fact that a comic or a strip or any resemblance of a panel-to-panel short story telling is extremely encouraged, not mandatory, but really really encouraged.

Keep in mind that a full short story from begining to end isn't manditory, it can be an extract of a hypothetical comic book, action sequence, simple dialouge sequence even a bunch of sequencial panels setting an enviornment with even the smallest narrative element.

Anyone can apply but not everyone will be selected. Anyone interested should send me an email to



I will be in charge of paying for the prints. The artists will receive their own free copy. Each comic will cost $5.00 each. There will be 2 ways of comic distribution:

1. There will be a store available on my site (which is currently under construction and will be done late november) where comics wll be purchasable through paypal. I figured this would work better for people interested outside of the United States.

2. Comics will be available in random stores in the San Francisco Bay area, and Albuquerque, New Mexico

3. I'll be at Comic Con 2008, hopefully i'll be not only selling those, but also other comics there.


-Standard Comic (6.625x10.25 inches)
-Color pages
-28 pages


-real name (first and last)
-nick name (a.k.a. on newgrounds)
-example illustrated artwork (preferably not animated)

I would prefer if you turn in your art work already in it's 6.625"x10.25" proportions, if you're having too much trouble we can talk about it and I'll just resize it myself. All finished work should be emailed to oddhvh@hotmail.com. make the subject of your email:


There is no defnite due date yet since the project is at a very early stage. Also, I want to give the artists time to really create the best artwork they can possibly make. The final date will most likely land somwhere between April and May but the artwork would just make things easier for me (the sooner the better).




My web site (HaVaHa) is currently being remade and the ODD Comics section is becomming somthing very special. Atomic Noodle and I are talking about designing a Comic portal where people can submit short comic strips and be voted on, very similar to the NG flash portal, it is currently dubbed "Brick Wall".

The 6 weekly winners will be on the "TOP PAGE" and the seasonal winners will have the chance to develope their comic into a full issue. So be aware when you submit a strip or page pitching your idea, just in case you win, that idea needs to be somthing than can be applied to a full issue.

This will help push the creativity of the artists. Submiters must have a clear idea in their head to later on expand onto an issue if winning. I feel that this is becomming somthing very exciting, already loads of talent is applying to the ONE SHOT cloab project. I wonder what somthing like the Brick Wall (BW) will recieve.


p.s. just felt like adding in a little screen shot i made for this animated banner i made for the soon to be completed revamped version of my site havaha.com.

Comic Collab Project

Posted by AlmightyHans - August 22nd, 2007

The "It's a Halo Thing" (IAHT) project is getting to be a bit tough.

I crunched the numbers, and it runs exactly 17 minutes and 4 seconds long. Animating process is slowing down due to the current status of my life, pretty fricken busy. Also, I'm like 40% done animating and its already like 10 MB and I'm not planning on lowering the sound or image quality. I have in mind making the big movie into a series. Most likely I'll have a completely put together version of the full movie at my site, and the divided series on Newgorounds or somthing. One of the ideas to divide them up is to split it up to level groups. In other words, evenly dividing it so that each part will run as close as possible (time-wise) as the other. If I were to do that it would end up looking somthing like this:

-IAHT part 1, Halo Levels: (1, 2, and 3)
length: 3 minutes 32 seconds

-IAHT part2, Halo Levels: (4 and 5)
length: 5 minutes 12 seconds

-IAHT part3, Halo Levels: (6, 7, 8, and 9)
length: 4 minutes 18 seconds

-IAHT part4, Halo Level: (10)
length: 4 minutes 36 seconds

That's how the entire series would look, I'm trying to think of the best thing to do. I thought about just submitting it per levels, but i already released the beta which has parts from levels 1 and 2... so it would be kind of lame. Also, I think a few are the levels are just way too short. One of them is between 30 and 40 seconds, that would be quite rediculous to consider dividing it that way. Making it a series would be better off because for the viewer, well, you would get a more consecutive amount of IAHT rather than wait a long time for a big movie. Releasing parts through relatively short periods of time.

If anyone has any idea for another ideas and/or suggestions on this please tell. Also, please let me know what you think about my plan or the idea of splitting it up.

Thanks very much,
-Hans Van Harken

p.s. Download this little making of showcase to see tid bits of what to expect:


Posted by AlmightyHans - July 18th, 2007


-"It's a Halo Thing" An epic 15 min long parody on the hit Xbox game developed by Bungie; Halo. This parody will tackle This first Halo game, but focus mainly on the story telling part of the game, rather than the game play itself.

-"HUE MAN Preview" A 3 minute sketch with its own plot, having nothing related to the actual show (story-wise). It is merely a way to present the main characters and a rough idea on what the humor and animation quality will be like. It's a Pilot for a possible TV show.


-"Defense Force" The first person shooter defense game. I finished all the sprites, Bas is programming it in AS3 and it's turning out beautiful. I think it will make a pretty cool game at the rate it's going.


-I just finished a Film Course here in Barcelona where I came out with 5 video projects. a Report, Documentary, Live Shooting, Experimental Video, and a Short Film. They are all finished, but since they were filmed in Spanish [and the Documentary in Catalan] I'm in the "writing out subtitles stage". Those will be available at my site.


-"Life Line" a script for a short thriller film about 2 brothers trying to get rid of a body they were guilty of its death in one night. It's basically done and in the polishing stage. It can be animation or video, most likely video but I'll figure it out eventually.

-"Untitled" will be a WW1 epic with a rare story telling strategy, or better said "structure" following the intense lives of various soldiers in the heat of battle. It will definitely be in animation. But former collaborator Osuka from the Valentine '29 Collaboration has chosen to team up with me to make this animation possible.


Last but not least, I of course need to find a html-er to help me out complete my new site. Since my previous walked out of the show. so that is pending sadly...

anyways, this has been an update.
-Hans Van Harken [a.k.a. AlmightyHans]