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AlmightyHans's News

Posted by AlmightyHans - December 16th, 2008

Visually, It saddens me that the colorful, vivid world of Gotham city was so downgraded in the new Batman movies.

Don't you remember the Gothic/Art Deco skyline crawling up to the sky with flickering lights. The Gargoyles, the alleys, the bridges... A city that really looked like it needed a big hand in Vigilante duties. A bold yet broken world, barely holding itself up from the terrible abnormal criminals that haunt its people. Cast in shadows, rain, snow or fog constantly...

Instead, Gotham city is now Chicago.

All of the visual charms of Gotham City, the character designs, imagination, and creativity of the world of Batman are gone.

Batman had this beautiful mixture of Pulp Fiction (and I don't mean the movie), Art Deco, Gothic Architecture, and old school sci fi.

Batman himself had the Bad ass of a cowboy, the slick and classy of James Bond, the poetic danger of Dracula, and the smarts and clever of the sherlock holmes. All these things, plus a disturbing past and psychology, and internal conflict.

Now, to me, these are incredible ingredients. And for nearly a century they have been slowly shaping to form the wonderful thing that is Batman. Why change it? I understand and admire seeing new things. I admire seeing Christopher Nolan's approach to the world. But there are certain aspects of batman that cannot be changed, for it makes it what it is. People claim that the reason why the new Batman movies are cool are because they are more realistic, and this works because batman doesn't have super powers. This all sounds good on the surface, but to me, there are numerous things in the core of the batman universe that make it fictional enough so that putting it in a real world setting won't work. The new batman movies are proof of that if you look at it deep enough.

I always thought Morgan Freeman's character in the new movies was basically pointless. people thought that it was cool to know where he gets his equipment from, and it is, but not important enough to entitle an entire character, basically an Alfred #2. When you try to explain so many things in a story it becomes sloppy, and it's pointless. What's most important is getting the basics focused. And Batman movies are just about Batman and his Rival, whoever that might be.

But The Dark Knight had too many protagonists, too many antagonists, protagonists turning into antagonists, making a big build up, cutting off their conclusion, switching from one to the other and back and not paying enough time or focus on the main character... so on and so forth. It started off good and just fell apart.

The New Batman lost every charm that batman ever had to me.

also, 'lol' at the pic below.

The Dark Knight Sucked: Part 2

Posted by AlmightyHans - December 11th, 2008

I am among the few hat hated The Dark Knight and Batman Begins... in fact this whole new take on the franchise. I am a very big Batman fan, though. I just dislike this new approach.

People are going nuts all over the Joker in this new film, that he's this 'great character' and such. Let me just start off by saying that before 'TDK' came out, and all the head-numb cattle were being pulled into the jaws of hype, everyone was stupidly saying "Tim Burton's Batman should have been called 'The Joker' because the movie focused on him way more than Batman" and that "Nolan's movie is not going to do that because he's much better than that". Of course though it did. It did exactly that. But because people seem to be so hungry for 'realism' in movies, like a 57 year old virgin nun is for a thick black cock, that whenever these films are made and marketed well and are based on characters already relatable... what can the audience do but not even watch the movie that is being projected in front of them, but just see it, stare at the pictures and squirm, giggle, laugh and clap when the joker pops up... So now that we're on the Joker, Let me get to the main focus of this News Post. This is me dissecting the Joker:

This shouldn't take too long, he's a very flat character after all...

-No background/Background is a mystery
-No motives behind his evil doings.
-Anarchist... basically anarchists just don't want order, and he has no reason (motives) for doing this. He just wants 'chaos'... that's just stupid.
-Doesn't seem to have any physical weakness. And excessively clever, perhaps to the point where he almost seems super human to a very realistically set movie.

-And he's a 'psycho'

...So Nolan's joker is: a mysterious, motiveless, anarchist, omnipotent, psycho criminal that seems to work under different sets of super natural rules (unrealistic to what this movie boasts to consist of) when concocting his plans against Gotham City.

This doesn't seem like a character, but more of an 'easy-way-out' plot device. Have you noticed that the only significant parts in the dark night were ones with the Joker in them? Because the Joker is not a great character, but more of a plot device... to keep a very boring, realistic, story... interesting.

A great Character has layers and flaws and insecurities etc. The Nolan's Joker has none of these.

This is why the Joker needs to have been made by Batman, this is why the joker had to have his face permanently fully disfigured by Batman. Because Now the Joker has motives, you understand his psychosis, because Batman chooses to wear a mask, but the Joker doesn't have a choice. The joker has a goal. There are basic elements in characters you can't change because it's what makes them who they are, and why they work.

The Joker is a cop-out. There fore, a poor character.

Posted by AlmightyHans - December 6th, 2008

Hello everyone,

Just in case you haven't heard of my comic strip series I've been working on, 'Joy', I just wanted to explain what I have in mind for their future.

The 'One Shot' comic book collaboration has already been sent to the printers (about a week ago) and I'm pumped to start getting more stuff printed. Which is why I brought up 'Joy' so far I have 13 episodes done. And I plan to have 30 for their first issue. However I'm making 15 exclusive to the comic book, leaving 2 more episodes for online exposure. There would be no point in selling an issue if everything in it is online. So I'm basically announcing that there will be a while of me making the pages until you'll get more out of 'Joy'. After episode 15 that is.

For now, check out all the episodes so far here.


p.s. The 'One Shot' comic collab is most likely going to be available at the NG store.

'Joy' Announcement

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 27th, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I just want to announce that I was up all night sorting this terrible terrible shit out. But I can safely, surly, happily say that It's finally been put together. Today, I'm going to send it over to the printers! Meaning in one month, the issues will be freshly complete and in my hands to send over to you (participants). As for the rest of you. Tom and I were talking about selling them in the NG store. So it looks like you'll be able to have a copy of your own pretty soon.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Honestly, if there's one thing I learned working with you guys it's that I will never ever ever ever again organize a collab again. At least, not with so many people, and not with comics. But really now, you all turned in some great stuff and I'm glad hope to have helped you in some way by printing your stuff. Cause there's something about that 'saying' about 'knowing how to put what's in your head on paper' maybe I'm taking it too literal, but I do get a great satisfaction when my work is printed. I hope you artists do as well. And this is why I am starting 'ODD Comics' so I can do this. Give myself and artists like myself a chance to have this satisfaction, one that you can't get on the internet (as great as it is).

The physical tangibility is what gets me. In the computer, your work is beautiful, grant it, but there's something about having your work in yourhands and others hands, literally. That makes it so much more cool.

Anyways enough poetic bullshit. I'm glad i got this fucking monkey off my back...

P.S. i made a new Joy Comic.

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 20th, 2008

that's so cool! here's a screen shot of the documentary:

click this word to see full size.

NG on NBC???

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 14th, 2008



I am planning to organize a Newgrounds/Camp North meet-up in San Francisco. It won't be a giganticly glamorous one as the one's made by Luis. Instead of lasting a weekend or more, I plan on just meeting up a Saturday in the city and hang out.

This is what I had planned, but this of course could change:

When? Saturday, December 20th 2008. <<<:::UPDATE

Where? Meet outside the Embarcadero Bart station at 11:00 am-12:00

What? I was planning on walking around maybe through china town, hang out at a park, walk around Pier 39, go to the Museum of Modern Art, or the new Science Museum, or all these things.

Point is: I think we should plan a couple main event things Like one in the beginning of the meet and one at the end, and just improvise in between.

I had in mind finishing up in the Berkeley Area when we're done, and that's where we can bid our farewells.

I'd like to start organizing this meet by seeing how many San Francisco Bay Area locals there are and out of those locals see who's up for coming. And if you are interested, let me know your full name and age and area you live in. Once this meet is finalized, it will make things easier if I get your phone numbers before hand. Don't worry about me abusing phone calls, that's the last thing I'll do. It's mainly for emergencies.

So if you have any questions/suggestions, post your comment below. If you are interested, pm me you info, but title your pm: "SF MEET (your name here)" to make things more manageable for me.

alright, that's it for now, I'll update this post when major changes are established.


p.s. check this out.

San Francisco NG Meet up 2008

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 9th, 2008

Hey everyone!


over the past few nights i haven't been able to sleep. I keep drawings these comics I suddenly had a boost of creative fuel for. It all started off with me and Kevin Barrios. were were doing drawing battles and chose the topic to be 'Tripping Balls' and I pathetically came up with this. Yeah, it's stupid, but I fell in love with Jake and Lloyd. Those two characters in the background talking. So I decided give them a test run and i drew up a little comic strip, that branched into this little series i'm having loads of fun making.We'll see how far it goes, but for now check out the episodes on camp north. Joy is the name:


Joy 1

Joy 2

Joy 3

Joy 4


Joy 5

Joy 6

Joy 7

Joy 8

Joy 9

Joy 10


Joy 11

Joy 12

Joy 13

Joy 14

let me know what you think.

p.s. i suggest you read them in order.

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 5th, 2008

Hello to those of you who participated in the ONE SHOT comic collab. I'm wrapping up the project and sending it to the printers this Thanksgiving. However, I have a few favors I need from some of you.


some of you turned in your pages at the incorrect size or dpi.

-Vincent Charrot
-Steve Bryant
-Corey Griffin

These people need to either resize your page, or make sure you send me a .png with a dpi of 300, or both. Makes sure your page itself is 6.625x10.25 inches and when you export it as a .png make the dpi 300. Yes when you make the dpi 300 the image will increase in size, I'm sure most of you know that.


Now, I'm going to make a section at the end of the issue where each artist is credited for what they did and to show the age range and world wide variety of artists I will need some info from you. An some of you I need your real name, if your real name doesn't appear on the list but recognize your web name, pm me this info with your full name.

-Julio Lopez
-Kevin Barrios
-Dan Berry
-Alyssa Zevallos
-Nog Fish
-Jarred Johnson
-Richard Sun
-Corey Griffin
-Vincent Charrot

Again, the list of people above should pm me their full name, date of birth, location and if you have one, web site.


As you all know, the artists will be receiving their issue around christmas time (possibly later depending where on earth you live). To do this I will need your full address of where you are at. So if EVERYONE could pm me their info. If you already have information to send me with the lists above, just attach your address in the same pm.


if you are pm'ing me any of this info, TITLE YOUR PM: "(Yourname, surname initials)_comic info"

example: "HansVH_comic info"

please follow these instructions so that it makes it easier for me to get all this done and I can have this finished sooner. If you are not a part of this comic book collab, please do not pm. If you are a part of this comic book collab but do not appear on the list, help me get in touch with these artists, link them to this news post if you know them.

If you have any questions or comments let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for your time. Let's get this thing ready and printed.

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 4th, 2008

there's me pirate, he's smuggling illegal fish to the blue hippos.


Posted by AlmightyHans - October 31st, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone. To celebrate I was awake all night editing this from one of the most interesting movies i've seen. "Eraserhead" by David Lynch. I think it very well sets a tone for this day of the year, but I made sure to brighten it up a bit. tell me what you think:

/* */
tell me what you think


p.s. i suggest you watch it in high quality