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This is... it's...

This is just amazing. i really really love this. I would totally hang this on my wall, hell i just put it as my desktop

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Valerofond responds:

Thanks a bunch Hans, love that you love loving it and I love your stuff too :)

:V <--- thats a gator

Man, This is unbelievable. i love the coloring style. Only comment is that I think you could have designed the base a bit better, but honestly it's just so great. sorry for sucking your balls so much.

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lenkalamari responds:

ahhh yeah maybe a city or a beach for the cyan part would have worked wonders. thanks hans


you should have done the concept art for that game.

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dammit dude.

your art style gives me fucking orgasms... i fucking love it dude

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is that what you and nath do on your spare time?

I really like this style

it's like a wide angel lense affect. more lanky and stretchy.

this is my favorite thing ever.

i just look at these guys and i crack up. their expressions are perfect. the fact that they're both wearing ties and have no hair makes it even funnier. either their really good friends or brothers... or worse. are they co workers? or are they going to church...

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I personally like the rough style

I think it's hard to pull it off. something looking rough and unfinished without lacking. It might be a preference to some to like a clean finished look, but your work definitely works most of the time. I do have to say I'm not completely liking some of the color choice. the yellows seem to have replaced any brown or fleshy colors, but in this case it doesn't seem like a light or lense filter effect. it just seems like Tesla was a simpsons character. I'm not bothered b it. it's interesting to see such a dramatic scene with very stylized coloring and characters. I just feel it needs fine adjustments there.

My favorite part is the composition. I'm surprised you didn't go for a wide screen approach but this format fits the composition perfectly. the chest framing his head and the cables hanging are completely awesome. I dunno if i'm digging symbolism where there is none, but i get the sense that this robot was and idea(invention) he finally got out of his head but something about it is bothering him (thus the cables). correct me if im wrong. All in all, congrats.

MindChamber responds:

I agree I suck with skintone, definitely a weakpoint for me I might mess with it later.

you're right that there is symbolism there, though slightly different than what you said, but its close. its more or less a halo.

This is fucking amazing

I love what you did to these characters. The fact that Satan is leaning on his shoulder is so cute, creepy and hilarious. great job once again

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sucho responds:

leo never has to worry about feeling drafts over his shoulder

Very Simple drawings.

Yet very expressive and effective. The colors seem like from a more kiddy comic but then its very brutal. nice result.

a Buddhist walks up to a hot dog vendor and says "make me one with everything"

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