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AlmightyHans's News

Posted by AlmightyHans - January 19th, 2010

So i started a collaboration a long time ago called "The Faces Of Newgrounds". It took a while for a number of reasons. One, people were taking a long time submitting their scans. Two, I realized not that many people had scanners. Three, I needed to fill a very long song, I figured the concept of this collab would work better with a lot of pictures. Because it is a simple movie, but i figured it'd be more worth watching if there was a lot of people's faces, you know. whatever.

Then, another reason why it took so long, which is the reason why most people take too long making stuff, is that i got over ambitious. but i figured to keep it simple.

I hope you enjoy. I'd never seen a collab like this, so i thought it'd be cool. also, it's nice to put a face on some of the artists on newgrounds.



Posted by AlmightyHans - January 11th, 2010

Find the five letters to discover the word.

_ _ _ _ _
1 2 3 4 5

1) (SPACE-S-E+ING-P+CH-HAC-I-G+AE) = (WALKING _ _ _ _ ). ( _ _ _ _- _ _ _ )= ?






Google the secret word if you don't know what it is.

Posted by AlmightyHans - December 26th, 2009

Merry Christmas, people!

So my birthday is the 28th, my teen years are officially gone. I'll be turning 20. I'm heading out to Los Angeles with my bro for a few days. we planned out a road trip from San Francisco here. We both have never been, and we're real excited. I dunno if it'll turn out to be good or bad, but it will indeed be fun most likely. I hope we don't turn a wrong corner and get shot though. Hope to meet up with Egoraptor and Tomamoto if they aren't too busy and maybe even a few more. Buzzwerd, if you're reading this. call me, it'd be cool to hang out.

Anyways, christmas was nice. I got drunk. T'was fun.

By the way, i just got back from watching Sherlock Holmes. It really blew away my expectations. Really great movie. Check it out. got lots of inspiration for "The T" from it.

See ya.


Posted by AlmightyHans - December 15th, 2009

I finished my super 8 short film! and Tom was cool with putting it on NG, so I created this pretty cool menu system in Flash and posted it. RedMongoose made some music for it!

Let me know what you guys think.


I still need two voice actors for The T. I'm still putting together what I got from everyone who turned theirs in (and I'm very thankful). but I need Christopher A. Guerrero and Francine Louise to send their lines.


this is my last week of class before my vacation, Just finishing up finals. It's been intense. I'll finally have some nice full time to finish up a few projects I have in store for NG.


Posted by AlmightyHans - December 2nd, 2009

Harry Kavanaugh is a friend of mine in film school. We had to do Super 8 Millimeter short films. He ask me to act in his and he just finished.

/* */
I'll be finished with mine in a few days. Mine's a sci fi Twilight Zone" type episode. We'll see how it turns out. for now check his out.

I've acted in 3 movies total and filmed my own. Once the others are finished i'll probably post them.

This is one, in which i play two characters that look exactly the same. In another I'm like a sort of Charlie Chaplin type goofy dude. and in the 3rd I play a stuck up, LA, douchebag that ends up turning into a zombie. I got to go now, we're shooting the zombie one within the hour.


picture of Harry Kavanaugh below:

Super 8 Millimeter Short Film

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 20th, 2009

*UPDATED: All parts locked, all voice actors, turn in your lines!*

Hello everyone.

So the castings have gone great, amazing talent everywhere and it was hard to pick voices. One of the reasons why it was so hard is because this is a series, and a lot of the voices will be permanent to the character.

However! I want to make it clear that even though you weren't picked for a voice in this episode, i will be looking for new talent constantly for each episode. I'm really trying to have this series keep sort of a live action feel. like play out in that way. to seem like this could play out pretty well if it were filmed. One of the approaches i'm taking is to have each character, even the smallest roles, have their own voice. try to avoid reusing voice actors. because in a live action, it would be weird to have the same actor play more than one character. Of course, there will be exceptions. But i'm aiming for that. Basically, if you werent in this episode, whenever I announce the casting for the next episode, don't hesitate to show me what you got ;D

Now this is a list of who will play who so far. there are still available spots:

-Turk [LOCKED] Arin Hanson
-Todd [LOCKED] Hans Van Harken
-Tony [LOCKED] Joshua Tomar
-Gritt [LOCKED] Christopher A. Guerrero
-Danny Beretta [LOCKED] Jeff Bandelin
-Lady Killer [LOCKED] Will Stamper
-Waitress [LOCKED] Francine Louise
-Female Victim [LOCKED] Kimlinh Tran
-Cop1 [LOCKED] Edward Bosco
-Cop2 [LOCKED] Jonas Boda
-Investigator [LOCKED] Deven Mack
-News Reporter [LOCKED] Deven Mack

here's a picture of some character concepts for this episode

Now, I've already received a handful of finished lines from some voice actors. But I also wanted to send out a message to them. One thing i ask from you is to not set a date for delivering me your lines that you can't meet. I hope you don't get this the wrong way, it's not that you're pissing me off at all. Listen, i know we all are living our own lives and this is all a side thing we're doing for fun. I would rather you don't set an expectation for me, because of the simple fact that i get excited to hear it, and then don't end up hearing it.

I'm real lenient with due dates. I'd prefer to get all the lines before thanksgiving weekend, but again, if you can't, i understand, we all got lives to live. (just laying that out for you)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! If you see your name in the list of characters, or know the person in this list. please link them to this post. I need to get this info out there and communicated. i don't have EVERYONES email and it would help getting this message across. I dunno if i sent everyone the final script for them to read or not. If not, i shall add you to my contacts and i can send the final version of the script.

I can't wait to get this started. I've never felt so fueled to make a series since Clatomic.


Posted by AlmightyHans - November 12th, 2009

Hello NGers.

I want to announce that I'm going to start locking down characters to their voice actors soon. and if you have any interest for trying out for parts, let me know.

Let it be known that even if you aren't chosen for the first episode, this doesn't mean I'm not interested in your talent. This is planned to be a series and will be introducing new characters. I plan on recruiting more voice actors for different characters rather than reusing voice actors. Or at least try to avoid reusing voice actors as much as possible. So i'll be looking for voice actors form episode to episode. This way it almost creates a better sense of individuality with the characters (it's an experiment). And I'm also taking advantage of all the talent that is available with sites like newgrounds and stuff.


-Turk [LOCKED] Arin Hanson
-Todd [LOCKED] Hans Van Harken
-Tony [LOCKED] Joshua Tomar
-Gritt [LOCKED] Christopher A. Guerrero
-Danny Beretta [LOCKED] Jeff Bandalin
-Lady Killer [LOCKED] Will Stamper
-Female Victim [LOCKED] Kimlinh Tran
-Cop1 [LOCKED] Edward Bosco
-Cop2 [LOCKED] Jonas Boda
-Investigator [LOCKED] Deven Mack
-News Reporter [LOCKED] Deven Mack

some character drawings to see.
[left] The Lady Killer, [top] The T, [bottom left] gritt, [bottom right] Sgt. Danny Beretta

I'll update later!

here's a link to the previous post on this.

Posted by AlmightyHans - November 8th, 2009


I have just finished the first draft of the script for Episode one in "The T". I am holding details on the story for the sake of surprise. But i will mention that it is a Noir, Comedy. It consists a lot of action/adventure, and mystery.

I have animated an Intro for the series which you can see below. (the credits might change depending on how casting goes.)

/* */
[note: since this has the old gangster film feel, new yorker/chicago/big city accents like italian and stuff is encouraged, but not necessary]


-Turk (Arin Hanson)
Eccentric, extrovert, passionate. Serves as a pseudo-leader figure in the team of three.

-Todd (Hans Van Harken)
Introvert, observer, man of few words. When he does speak out, it's pretty well thought out.

-Tony (Joshua Tomar)
Understanding, older, experienced caring. Sometimes can be kind of mellow dramatic. Jewish.

-Gritt (Christopher A. Guerrero)
Bitter, quiet, old, and reserved. Works at police station with a boring job behind a desk. Wishes he could actually help fight crime. Secretly thankful for The T for asking him to help them. in his late 50's

-Jeffrey Walther [killer]
Rich, handsome, charming, and schizophrenic. in his mid 30's

-Woman [victim] (Kimlinh Tran)
She'll be drunk in her scenes. Charmed by Jeffrey. Classy, but a bit bubbly and happy for hooking up with handsome Jeffrey Walther. (she will be a victim of murder so lots of screaming and struggling involved)

-Police officer 1
Complains, melancholy, friends with police officer 2. handles normal police work. in his 20's

-Police officer 2 (Jonas Boda)
questions his friendship with officer 1. seems to be constantly fed up with him. but appears to take pleasure out of it. in his 20's

suffering mid life crisis. has trouble convincing herself her life is good. working at a crappy hole in the wall diner. not too pretty. but humble none the less. occasionally is reminded of her shitty life.

-News Reporter (Deven Mac)
basic nasal sounding news reporter voice of the 1920's-1950's

-Crime Scene Investigator (Deven Mac)
Young, definitely big city accent. He should have an energy to his voice. normal pitch. not too low or high.

-Danny Beretta (Jeff Bandalin)
Police Sgt. Orn and torn from the rough job of police work. Feels hopeless because of seeing so many criminals get away with thei crimes in his life. Bitter, but still smart and sensible and an overall good cop. in his late 30's

as for lines, you can go ahead and make up any improve short reels for whatever characters your interested. Even though i have names of people who are planned to do the certain voices. don't feel hesitant to send me some trials. Just know that i'm pretty sure I'm going to stick to those voice actors.

please send these voice clips to me by private messaging on NG. title your message "THE T casting call" in the message write your name, newgrounds account, and/or contact info. and please describe IN your voice clip the name of the character your doing before the actual lines.


Posted by AlmightyHans - October 31st, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone!

This is a picture of my Hank madness costume. I'm putting on the grey makeup and cross over my face tomorrow for the real day!

i'll have more pictures later...

here's 3 pictures

Happy Halloween!

Posted by AlmightyHans - October 29th, 2009

i have to start off with this one cause it's a major impact. I can comfortably say this has to be my favorite or one of my favorite 3 Speilbergs.

/* */
and this guy, who is the king of movie intro's, and was a key source for the "Catch me if you can" titles is a master. Saul Bass:

/* */

/* */
Saul Bass made a lot of Alfred Hitchcock opening credits. Alfred Hitchcock being another source of inspiration. here's some of his movies:

/* */

/* */
...Not only had i precisely been working with an idea for a comic series of superheroes right before the first incredibles trailer came out, but the movie had so much in common with my idea for the look and themes. I absolutely love this movie and was a bit let down that it'd be considered a rip off if i ever surfaced my idea. But honestly, it was great seeing a movie that felt so up my alley. and I think i was close to literally cumming at the end of the movie when those title sequences came. I hadn't felt that fired up in a long time watching a movie until that.

/* */
When I was working on "The Ballad Of Cripple Kane" i had hit a brick wall and totally lost my fuel for it. I felt I was getting too ambitious. That project was literally untouched for a long time. Then... I went to see Kung Fu panda in theaters. And the opening sequence literally lifted my spirits. I still watch that video over and over again. and every time it's just as powerful. It was such a beautiful execution and would one day like to make an animated film with that stylistic approach. In that the digital approach to animating is used to have that smooth sleek look. but still have the flexibility you have with traditional animation. check it out. ( i wish there were a better quality version on youtube: if you want to see full quality. go here.

/* */
When I was a kid and we'd learn history, I was always so impressed by the simplicity and power of propaganda posters. especially the russians. Since I can't post many pictures on here I'll list some links.






When I was a kid and we'd have our friday night block buster visits to rent some movies for the weekend. I loved looking at the covers for horror movies. I'd sort of sneak there to scare myself. I'd sneak cause my parents didnt want to have to deal with my restless nights. But by doing this routine, I realized I got a lot of inspiration from these covers. Horror has always been a favorite genre of mine. Because it's the genre that pushes the creators to use every possible medium available. A good horror (emphasis on the word good) takes someone who knows a lot of different aspects in film.

Donnovan's Brain

Invasion Of The Saucer Men

A Nightmare On Elm Street

They Live

John Carpenter's The Thing

Another aspect of film that is a key inspiration for my work is Noir, and German Expressionist cinema.

here's some of Metropolis (the non-rtil version):

/* */

/* */
Citizen Kane is another source of inspiration for me:

/* */
The Hudsucker Proxy, has that citizen Kane style, but a bit more loony and stylized. BUT! I SUGGEST YOU DONT WATCH THIS CLIP IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE. IT SPOILS A BIG ELEMENT OF IT AND RUINS A GREAT BUILD UP FOR A MEMORABLE JOKE. watch to be reminded if you've already seen:

/* */
if you haven't seen it yet you can definitely watch this:

/* */
Brazil is what i can comfortably say my favorite movie. It's had the most impact on me. I'm not even going to begin to describe why I like it. instead, check out the beginning of the movie. If you end up watching the whole movie, keep in mind it's a movie that is best appreciated if you've watched it more than once.

/* */

/* */
Jules Verne was always an inspiration to a lot of what I do. People call it "steam punk" now. I hate that term:

/* */

/* */

/* */
And right up the Vernian alley, an animated movie (one of modern disney's best in my opinion). comes a movie that mixed a lot of the best Jules Verne elements so beautifully. The trailer doesnt let me imbed the movie here so just go here.

maybe i'll make another post eventually and Zekey it out.

oh. last but not least, i posted that animated intro on youtube. if i put it up you can see all the direct influences referenced in the other videos.

/* */